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Helping companies in the marine
industry to make turn-arounds
and create profitability.


One of Sweden’s major shipyards


Consultants for maritime companies


Ship repair and the work done on a ship during a shipyard stay

Finding the direction

Majo Yard has an extensive experience from marine industry and specialize in helping companies find a new direction. We analyze the situation at hand and help companies find the route towards increased turn over and profitability. Setting course in a new direction is no easy task and it takes experience and determination to get it right. We have done it before and we know how to keep clear of grounds. We provide advice and support but most importantly we offer an outside perspective. It’s not just about where to go, it’s about how to get there. Defining clear targets is the beginning and then we proceed to develop a strategy and putting it to use. We provide the initial analysis or we help you all the way.

In 2003 we made a successful turn around for the Shipyard in Landskrona, Sweden. After 90 years business was declining rapidly and we made a fresh start. The company has since then grown organically and is now one of Sweden’s major shipyards with a very good profitability.

We also work as consultants for maritime companies and are responsible for manning management functions. We can help your company find the right resources for business management and key positions. We provide consultative services with expertise, professionalism and positivism.

With Majo yard you as a client will get honesty, simplicity and competence.


This is our method – ”Keep it simple!”

Our method is to make a deep analyze of the company in order to understand it and put focus on the business. We like to keep it simple. Find the core of the problem and keep focus on it. Work with the solutions. We are also specialists in analyzing and providing management functions. Majo yard can help your company to find the right resources to ensure that the business is run in order to reach profitability.

We also have extensive experience in ship repair and the work done on a ship during a shipyard stay. Majo yard can help shipping companies plan and implement a shipyard stay. With Majo yard you will find the right direction for your company. Please contact us for more information.